Why Remote Insurance Calls Could Be More Beneficial for Agents

Insurance agent talking with clientsIndividual insurance agents should consider working remotely when doing sales call pitches, due to the benefits that are not feasible in an on-site setting.

An industry expert said that a virtual platform would help remote agents to be more efficient, hence lead to higher sales numbers. In the US, professionals should consider complementing these benefits by working with a field marketing organization for insurance agents.

Beneficial Workplace

Some of the benefits of using a virtual platform include improved access to structured data, better productivity, and employee satisfaction. A system’s machine-learning capabilities may record phone conversations before converting them into structured reports.

Sales coaches may then refer to these reports, instead of listening to the recorded calls to find out where the agent requires improvement. In terms of productivity, remote agents are generally more productive if they no longer have to stay at the office.

This saves them time from getting up in the morning and commuting from work, which becomes more difficult during bad weather. As a result, employees are likely to feel more satisfied and less exhausted since they don’t need to commute every day.

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Hiring Location

Insurance companies have a better chance of penetrating more market by hiring remote agents since this eliminates the need to set up a physical office in a certain location.

In California, for instance, the market for life insurance remains a good opportunity for sales, due to a low number of insured residents in several counties.

An analysis showed that the state has an auto and a health insurance coverage of 84.80% and 88.83%, respectively. However, life insurance coverage in the state is only at 24.42%.

Today’s digital technology allows people to work from a non-traditional office setting. Virtual insurance agents are no different, although salespeople should be aware that being affiliated with field marketing organizations further leverage the benefits of working remotely.

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