What Customers Want in an Online Shop’s Returns Process

Woman looking at her phone with shopping bagsLet’s say a shopper is browsing your ecommerce store for a new cocktail dress and then sees the perfect style. But after seeing reviews of the dress, she sees that it usually runs big. So she reads your return policy but gets disappointed because of its vague language and your complicated process. You probably know what happens next—the shopper abandons her cart and doesn’t convert. And she probably won’t be the only one to abandon a cart due to a poorly made returns policy.

With this in mind, ReverseLogix suggests that when it comes to your returns process, make certain that it is:


Some people prefer online shopping due to its convenience. They could easily order anything without the long lines and crowds in malls and get it delivered right in their own home. Convenience should likewise apply to your returns process. For example, aside from offering online returns, make each step of the process as easy as possible.


Ensure that your returns policy is easy to understand and could be easily found in your site. A key component of effective RMA management is a clear policy that indicates which items are returnable, whether shoppers would be granted an exchange, store credit or refund, the cost of shipping (if any), and the deadline for returns. When setting a deadline, make sure that you give customers at least 30 days, more if applicable, to return products to avoid making them feel pressured.

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Online shoppers who are not satisfied with their purchase are unhappy customers. But they would be unhappier if they have to pay the shipping fee if they want to return a product. Consider minimizing or eliminating the return shipping cost entirely. Do your math first though since shipping costs could be costly. Or you could offer free return shipping only for nearby areas.

Remember, it’s your responsibility as an online retailer to make certain that you deliver on your promise at every customer touch point, and this should include your returns process. So make sure that your returns process would appeal to your customers to reduce the chances of shoppers abandoning their cart ever again.

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