Stop it With These Cooling Misconceptions

a white air conditioning inside a bedroomWhen the temperature rises, it is only natural to look for new ways to keep your cooling bills down. While you’re doing this, you might also encounter cooling misconceptions that will do nothing to increase indoor comfort. This only makes it important to verify what you’ve read or heard before making any changes around the house.

HVAC experts in Knoxville, TN share a few cooling misconceptions you need to stop believing:

A bigger AC can cool your house faster and better.

If you’re looking to replace your old and inefficient AC, you might think that a bigger unit will give you better results. This is not necessarily true, as oversized units tend to cycle on and on frequently, leading to uneven temperatures. It is best to get your AC serviced to find out why it is performing poorly. If you decided to buy a new one, be sure that it is correctly sized for your home.

You can use fans to keep my house cool.

If you think that leaving the fan on can keep your room cool, you’ll only be disappointed and wasting energy. What the fan does is cool people in the room where it is on. It cannot actually do anything to change the temperature of the room. ACs do a better job, as they blow cool air into the room, therefore improving indoor comfort.

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Cranking the AC can cool your house faster.

Lowering the temperature won’t actually speed up the cooling process. Do take note that many ACs today have a two-stage system, which only means that they cannot operate at both low and high speeds. The unit will just continue to run until you reach temperature setting on the thermostat. It is better to invest in a programmable or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat so you can cool your house before you get home.

If your AC is not working as it should, take the time to know and fix the real cause before doing any drastic changes. Note that inefficiency may be due to a number of reasons like air leaks, inadequate maintenance, missing insulation, or a weak duct system. You can also get the help of an HVAC expert to inspect your AC or replace it with the right unit.

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