New Kid on the Block: Your Guide to Settling in a New Neighbourhood

Urban Residential Apartments

Urban Residential ApartmentsMoving into a new house is a huge change that comes with a lot of tasks to tick off. There are boxes to unpack, furniture to arrange, and most importantly, neighbours to meet.

In order to truly be at home in this new community, it’s important not just to make your home as comfortable as possible, but also get to know the people around you.

It can be really intimidating to introduce yourself, especially if you live in large suburbs, such as those in Melbourne. The house and land Melbourne West communities offer are one of the most preferred choices of first-time home buyers since these are amiable neighbourhoods.

But set aside those jitters for now and try these tips to get you settled in your new neighbourhood:

Talk to friends about friends

Pretty sure, you heard about the principle of six degrees of separation. The underlying assumption of that principle is people connect through chains of acquaintances.

It’s most likely that you have friends who have friends living in this community. Ask them if you could introduce them to your neighbours, say over coffee or on wine night.

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Invite neighbours to a mini party

Having strangers at your new home doesn’t sound like a good idea, but it’s one of the best things you can do to interact with a lot of people in just one go. Of course, this goes without saying that you chose a safe, warm community before you bought your new house.

Go host a barbecue party in your backyard. For sure, your neighbours would also want to meet you (and see what’s inside your house!)

Visit local stores

While shopping at big grocery stores can be a practical choice for your needs, make sure that you hit the smaller shops near your town as well. This is usually where long-time residents go, so if you want to meet them, go where they go.

This also applies to the cafes and restaurants. Get to know the servers and owners by name. The owners usually are the ones who know everyone in the community, so befriend them.

Meeting people in the new community is really a huge challenge, but it’s key to getting settled in. With neighbours turning into friends, this new neighbourhood will feel a little more like a home to you.

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